Learning From BJJ… (Yeah, Heresy, I Know!)


Like many other Judo clubs, we have our visitors from BJJ, as well as some of our students and yudansha who practice BJJ in addition to Judo.

Perhaps the most powerful concept that I’ve seen come over from BJJ is a simple one - we already do it in tachiwaza…  it’s the simple concept of uchikomi.  Repeatedly performing the entry for a technique.  But in Judo, we seem to restrict it to throws, and yet, there are many opportunities for practicing setup moves in newaza as well.

One interesting drill, as an example; is having someone in your guard, taking both of their sleeves, and alternating your leg over for a Jujigatame.  Working left and right sides, alternately… an excellent drill, particularly if you learn to do it correctly, with the shift of your hips to the correct location…

Everyone knows that proper dynamic uchikomi is, next to randori, your best weapon to hone your skill - yet we rarely do it in newaza.  Something to think about - particularly the next time you have a visiting BJJ’er… ask ‘em to demonstrate some various drills, and see which ones you can use at your club.

After all - if they embarrass you too much with a wealth of good drills - you can always stand ‘em up and throw ‘em… Smiley