Terms Of Use


Terms of Use for the BestJudo.com Website

I'm a firm believer in Jita-Kyoei - Mutual Benefit & Welfare. If you adhere to this principle of Judo on this website - you cannot possibly run afoul of any rules.

Although everything can be seen by anonymous visitors - if you wish to post comments or post in the forum, you must become a member - which is nothing more than entering a valid email address.  Your address will not be passed around to anyone, and the only time you may receive an email from this website is if a new Judo book has hit the bookstores!

This website encourages people of all ages to participate.  Because there may well be teenagers reading the posts on this site, anything that is not family-friendly will be harshly dealt with.

This means that posts that are not G-Rated will not be allowed. You will be given one warning, then summarily banned from this site if you cannot keep your language and topics clean.

Arguments are certainly permitted in our forum, not everyone can have the same point of view - but intentional 'name-calling' will not be permitted.

These terms of use may be amended from time to time, and you are responsible for being in compliance. Please be friendly with other members here - we're all here to learn about Judo, and to find good Judo books for our collection.