Uchikomi & Newaza - the Forgotten Combination


Most Judoka practice at least some Uchikomi during standup practice at every practice, but how many Judoka realize that Uchikomi is just as valuable on the mat?

When drilling a new pin variation, turnover, or guard entry - you should be doing it multiple times… and do it as AnnMarie De Mars - former World Champion, recommends: try to speed it up each time.  Make your goal to be as fast as you can with the given technique.

I have a favorite technique to attack a turtle with, it’s really a trap move - but I’ve drilled it so many times that when someone gives me the opening, it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ve lost to the armbar that results.  I’ve picked up a few Ippons during my long-past days of competition with this move - and it’s only because I’ve drilled, drilled, and drilled some more that it’s been so effective for me.  (No-one at the Encino Judo club would be puzzled by this comment - they know exactly what technique I’m referring to… I’ve done it a few times… Smiley )

So keep this in mind for your next practice session - when you go to the ground, practice uchikomi there as well as in your throwing practice. Your Judo will improve dramatically for the effort...