General Intelligence… JFK & RFK Assassinations


I’m often amused at the ability of some in the ‘elite media’ to presume that everyone in the general population are white trash rednecks who attend church every Sunday and discuss recent Elvis sightings the rest of the week.

The ‘disconnect’ between the traditional mass media and the average American is never so apparent as it is when the JFK or RFK assassination is mentioned. It goes without saying among the ‘intelligentsia’ that Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan are lone assassins. Yet poll after poll places the belief that there were conspiracies involved as high as 90% of the American population. Are 9 out of 10 people simply stupid?

What’s truly fascinating is to see those who believe in the Warren Commission Report attempt to defend the theory that Oswald was the lone assassin… I invite anyone interested to go to the newsgroup - alt.conspiracy.jfk It can be accessed via Google Groups, or many other free news forum access points on the net.

Some might ask - what does this have to do with me? After all, it happened over 40 years ago. Yet the pervasiveness of the governmental cover-up is almost beyond belief, and if you’re interested in how our country is governed (as you should be), then an understanding of how the government operates is critical. You can’t fix what you don’t understand is broken.

Some of the rather interesting tidbits that have come out of the study into the JFK assassination is the fact that much of the traditional media is beholden to, and under at least some control of the CIA. Which only makes sense when you think about it - there are two functions of a spy agency - one is to discover the secrets of your opponent, but the other is to mislead others as to your own secrets. That the media has traditionally been in bed with intelligence agencies might prove to be a shock to those who thought that the news was unbiased.

Not too long ago, Gerald Posner, a journalist - wrote a book titled “Case Closed”, that purported to demonstrate that the evidence against Oswald was overwhelming, and that there was no need to further investigate the assassination - that indeed, the ‘case’ was ‘closed.’

However, the book Posner wrote was quickly dissected by JFK assassination researchers, who developed dozens of examples of where Posner misrepresented the evidence, or simply lied about what is known. Quite often, I ask the question, “When is a lie required to support the ‘truth’?” - and I never seem to find a reasonable answer to this rhetorical question.

Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. KennedyThose who defend the “Lone Nut” hypothesis are excited that Vincent Bugliosi - famous for his prosecution of Charles Manson, is coming out with a book dedicated to the idea that the Warren Commission got it right. This will be a sad day for Bugliosi’s reputation, for it’s not possible to write a book defending the Warren Commission Report without misrepresentation of the evidence - or even outright lies about the evidence. I’ve made that prediction in the news forum, and I don’t have any fear that I’ll be forced to apologize to Vince Bugliosi. The release date of this book has been touted as far back as 1999, so it’s a complete mystery if it really will be released in May of 2007 as is now being asserted.
[Update: The book has been released, and as predicted, Bugliosi was forced to tell some whoppers to support his theory]

I’d like to point out a truly interesting historical dazzler here: It was Bugliosi who collected the eyewitness statements that proved that more than 8 shots were fired at RFK, and who cross-examined the firearms experts to prove that they couldn’t identify Sirhan Sirhan’s gun as the murder weapon, or discount more than one gun being fired that day… indeed, actually provided very persuasive evidence that Sirhan Sirhan never even fired a bullet that day! (That last will be a shocker to most people who only know what the traditional mass media will tell you…) Bugliosi argued conspiracy in a court case, and is now going to argue (admittedly, in the case of JFK rather than RFK) that there was no conspiracy. I’m sure there’s a good “Lawyer joke” that can be made out of this… Smiley

There have been a number of official inquiries into the JFK assassination - most famous were the Warren Commission, the Clark Panel, and the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Interestingly, all three misrepresented or outright lied about the evidence that they had in front of them. This isn’t in serious dispute, yet no-one can answer why lies were needed to support the “truth.”

It’s interesting to note that there are two major newsgroups dedicated to the topic of the JFK assassination on the Internet (and dozens of lesser known ones):

Alt.Conspiracy.JFK - a wide open forum.
Alt.Assassination.JFK - a “moderated” (read, ‘Censored’) forum.

I’ve often been amused at the idea that those dedicated to the idea that Oswald was the lone assassin congregate in a censored group - where they don’t have to face those willing to point out their lies and misrepresentations of the evidence.

If you’d like to learn more about the evidence for a conspiracy that took the life of JFK, feel free to visit the two forums, and feel free to ask questions. History is something we should all be familiar with. But don’t take anyone’s opinion as fact - look at the primary evidence yourself - much of it is available on the Internet.