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Mandatory Military Service…


I’ve long thought that requiring a 2 or 3 year stint in the military branch of your choice would be an excellent way to instill discipline and educational opportunities for our countries’ young men & women.

I must confess that such an idea comes naturally to me - my father retired from the Navy, and I spent over a decade in the Marine Corps… so I have a very high regard for the opportunities that were afforded me by my service to my country.

Was Jesus Married?


UFO’s - Do They Exist?


Of course they do!  Flying objects that are unidentified – after all, is what “UFO” means… and there’s no-one who can deny that there are objects flying through the air that are unidentified.  Even Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force - was forced to ‘admit’ that there were sightings that they could not identify.

The Cell Phone Revolution…


I’ve so far resisted the allure of cell phone ownership.  Actually, I still can’t quite figure out why I’d want to pay for the privilege of having people call me anytime day or night.  (And pay for the call as well!)

137.5 - An Amazing Number… (The Dangers of Sugar)


Back as little as the 1800’s… the per capita consumption of sugar was only around 12 pounds per year in the United States.  But by the 1990’s, it climbed to the amazing figure of 137.5 pounds per year!

The Ideal Judo ‘Career’…


I’ve always had this concept of what a Judo ‘career’ should consist of.  You start Judo sometime before you reach your teen years (or certainly early in your teens, as I did).  Begin to win a tournament or two here and there… get your brown belt while still in High School.  Earn your Shodan in competition by your freshman year in college.  Begin competing at the national level…

And peak at whatever level your natural talent and drive will allow for in your late 20’s to early 30’s.

Sports in America - The Failure of Our Educational System


James A. Michener might be a name familiar to those of you who like to read - he’s written many fine books, including ‘Sayonara’, ‘Hawaii’, and ‘Texas’ for examples…  But one book that I read long ago sticks in my mind.  (which, of course, is the goal of any good author!)

News Forums - Heaven for Niche Hobbies!


Do you have a ‘niche hobby’?  A hobby that no-one else you know likes to do?  Perhaps, like me, you enjoy studying the JFK assassination… yet if you have the same experience I do, you’ll almost never run into someone in person that also studies the case.

How to Retire Wealthy! (Health & Wisdom Are -Your- Problem!)


I’m often amazed when I meet people who haven’t read a book since they left school… it really shocks me… then again, I’m rarely without a book, and often read several books each week.

I consider literacy to be one of man’s greatest inventions… it allows the collection and passing along of knowledge in ways that weren’t possible in a non-literate society.  It’s a way to continue to grow and learn long after you’ve left school…

Deru Pon! Defeating a Higher Ranked Judoka in Shiai…

Have you ever faced a higher ranked Judoka in tournament - and wondered how you can beat him?  There is a way of doing so… it even has a name in Japanese - it’s a tactic known as Deru Pon.

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