A Bibliography Of Judo

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Author: Robert W. Smith
Pub: 1959/1961 by Charles E. Tuttle Co.
Pages: 249
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If you collect Judo books, this is really a 5-star book. But if you are just the average Judoka looking to build a reference library, this book is too scarce to merit a place. The entire book is just a listing of other books on Judo. I've occasionally found it useful to provide a publishing date, or cross-reference an author, or to find out the correct title of a book. It is far easier to locate this as the last chapter in Robert Smith's book A Complete Guide to Judo.


A Bibliography of Judo and Other Self-Defense
Systems Including Cognate Works and Articles

EDITOR'S NOTE: This project was undertaken with the aim Of informing serious students of Judo and other self-defense systems of the existing world library pertaining to these arts. It is hoped that, besides being a research guide for others, it may stimulate as well the desire to initiate or enlarge personal libraries. Nothing in this world is static. Change forever casts out new colors. By the time this sees publication other works will emerge from the presses. All titles published prior to January 1, 1957 have been listed and a few additions made as late as November, 1957. By no means is this group of references complete. Many old titles still remain to be unearthed. But this list does represent the most thorough and complete listing of titles on the self-defense arts yet made. Certainly the bulk of the existing world library on Judo, past and present, and various related forms of self-defense arts are represented here. Doubtless many errors will be discovered. This is unavoidable in a work of this type. Montaigne was surely right in stating, "The beginning is half the thing." This list is only a beginning and it is to be hoped that others will build on it, correcting its defects and expanding its breadth.

The opening section on "Articles" does not pretend to list every item printed in newspapers and elsewhere on the subject. These titles were selected because of actual content photos, etc., and this list is unfortunately deficient in respect to foreign entries.

Weaponless systems of self-defense claim all the sections save "Cognate Works." In this section we have included a number of references on kendo and sumo which have impinged in no small measure on Judo, effecting its development. Other than Japanese fencing and sumo, the national sport, all of the other titles are on self-defense or are cognate to such systems. Some Zen and a select few general titles where they substantially abut on Judo, are listed as are some items (charts, prints, etc.) falling outside the book and article category.

Some letter equivalents will prove helpful to the reader. "P" indicates publisher, "SP" self-published "y" the year of publication, "C" the city or place of issuance, "p." the number of pages, and "U" unknown. In the case of Japanese works, "JTU" simply means that the Japanese title is not available.


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