The Fighting Spirit Of Japan

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Author: E.J. Harrison
Pub: 1955 by Foulsham & Co.
Pages: 250
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As the title implies, this book discusses the spiritual component of Japanese martial arts. It has a great deal of invaluable historical details of early Judo. Very much worth the reading, try to find this out-of-print book, and pay whatever you must to own it. Highly recommended.

NEW - Great news! This has been reprinted! It's quite rare that Judo books go into reprint - the market is so slim that rarely are Judo books republished after being out of print... Purchase this excellent book before it goes out of print again!!

     The Fighting Spirit of Japan


Chapter                                            Page
    Author's Acknowledgments                         XI
    Author's Foreword                              XIII
     I  Introductory                                 13
    II  Physical Culture in General                  19
   III  History and Rationale of Judo                31
    IV  Judo in Action                               41
     V  Strangulation Extraordinary                  59
    VI  A Champion's Reminiscences                   65
   VII  Karate and Aikido                            74
  VIII  Post-War Expansion of Judo                   81
    IX  Fencing, Wrestling and Sword Dancing         89
     X  The Esoteric Aspects of Bujutsu              96
    XI  The Esoteric Aspects of Bujutsu--concluded  108
   XII  Practice after Precept                      117
  XIII  More about Kiai                             129
   XIV  The Zen Cult in Japan                       14o
    XV  The Japanese Equivalent of the Yogi         153
   XVI  Cult of Cold Steel                          172
  XVII  The Art of Ninso or Physiognomy             190
 XVIII  The Sock and Buskin                         202
   XIX  The Japanese Eternal Feminine               218
    XX  "The Nightless City"                        237
   XXI  Postscript                                  247


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