Do You Want To Improve Your Tai Otoshi? Do It The WRONG Way!!

One of the best ways to quickly improve your Tai Otoshi is to start doing it against the wrong leg. If you’re doing a right-sided Tai Otoshi, your right leg is normally blocking uke’s right leg… Don’t do it… start blocking uke’s left leg instead!

Sounds strange? You bet! But by training ‘Wrong Leg Tai Otoshi’, you develop most strongly the very skill that Tai Otoshi has as it’s fundamental basis. Judoka tend to forget that this is a Te Waza, a hand throw, not a hip or leg throw. If you can do uchikomi with your partner, and drive him up ‘tippy toe’ on his right foot with just the correct application of your body movement, and kuzushi using just your hands - you’ll be amazed at the power your normal Tai Otoshi develops in short order.

Hint: try driving your right forearm against uke’s chest, but closer along the side, rather than directly in front. This give you the ability to push uke to your left - and your sleeve grip will be guiding him.

Another hint: Always remember the maxim: “Your Uke is Always Ugly”… never be looking at Uke on any of the forward throws… turn your head strongly away from him. Your head is second only to your hips, in my estimation - for generating the torquing power that throws people…