Yes! I Have an Excuse…


You haven’t been seeing very many posts recently - but yes, I do have an excuse.  I’m working on a new Judo website that when finished - will probably take the place of ‘BestJudo’.

Unfortunately, it will be at least another month or two before it’s ready to show the world - but when it’s ready - those who visit Best Judo will get the news before anyone else does.

Sorry to be so ’secretive’ - but in my experience, websites fail most often when they have little to no content prior to being released to the world … people come with high expectations, find little or no content, and write the website off.

So please remain patent… the new site is coming soon!



08/08/09 Update:  I can't believe it's been two years... my project was to create - which would have been a Wikipedia for Judo... but the project got shelved, and never really made it off the blocks.

I've finally gotten BestJudo back on track, however - moved from the original handcoding - to an exceptionally good CMS framework - which has many new features, and can more easily be updated.  This new site also allows for much more participation from the visitors to this site.



08/21/09 Update - Got back from Judo class, and made the switch to the new Website. The DNS Name Servers will take up to 72 hours for everyone to move over to this site - but I'm already seeing the new site, and I already see people popping on - so it looks like I didn't make any major errors during the changeover. I do hope everyone likes the new site - please feel free to create an account (all you need is an email address), and post comments.