Namijujijime, Gyakujujijime, or Katajujijime? That Is The Question!


I must admit to being quite confused in my younger days when the topic of Nami Juji Jime, Gyaku Juji Jime, and Kata Juji Jime came up... I always got confused by the hand position, and which one was which.  Anyone here have that problem?

I finally solved it with a little association... but first, hold both your hands out at shoulder level...

The Art of Judo Combination Footwork

One of the biggest problems that Judoka have with combinations - is the placement of the driver leg, ie; the leg that is still on the ground, and providing the most force for the throw.  Even if you have both feet on the ground, such as in a right sided Seoinage, both legs do not equally provide power, in this case, it would be the left leg which is the driver leg.

Moving A Website To Drupal... 301 Redirects and 404 Pages.

As some of you may have noticed, this site was moved this week from the old static pages, to a free content management system known as Drupal.

Yes! I Have an Excuse…


You haven’t been seeing very many posts recently - but yes, I do have an excuse.  I’m working on a new Judo website that when finished - will probably take the place of ‘BestJudo’.

Unfortunately, it will be at least another month or two before it’s ready to show the world - but when it’s ready - those who visit Best Judo will get the news before anyone else does.

Born in Missouri? The Argument Against Evolution


Although I was born and raised in Southern California - I sometimes feel affinity for the “Show Me” state of Missouri.  I’ve often gone ‘against the grain’ of traditional thought - to examine issues myself - and I don’t always agree with the common consensus.  In Judo, for example - I argue against the traditional form of Osoto-Gari.  Those reading my blog here might well be familiar with that example.

Born In Missouri? The Argument Against Evolution - Part 2


If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” - Darwin

Using Wordpress as a CMS.


CMS - it’s the buzz word of the modern day webmaster - simply meaning “Content Management System”.  What a CMS does - is separate the structure of a website from the content.

You want to create a website?  Tell everyone your opinion?  Pass along the latest family gossip to other family members?  Hype your business?  Have a marketing tool for your martial arts’ club?

General Intelligence… JFK & RFK Assassinations


I’m often amused at the ability of some in the ‘elite media’ to presume that everyone in the general population are white trash rednecks who attend church every Sunday and discuss recent Elvis sightings the rest of the week.

Kenka Yotsu in Uchikomi - Don’t Forget it!


Those who’ve ever paid attention while I’m teaching a class know the emphasis I keep placing on being able to attack to the left side.  It’s a skill that is desperately needed the higher you go in competition.

Uchikomi & Newaza - the Forgotten Combination


Most Judoka practice at least some Uchikomi during standup practice at every practice, but how many Judoka realize that Uchikomi is just as valuable on the mat?

When drilling a new pin variation, turnover, or guard entry - you should be doing it multiple times… and do it as AnnMarie De Mars - former World Champion, recommends: try to speed it up each time.  Make your goal to be as fast as you can with the given technique.

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