UFO’s - Do They Exist?


Of course they do!  Flying objects that are unidentified – after all, is what “UFO” means… and there’s no-one who can deny that there are objects flying through the air that are unidentified.  Even Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force - was forced to ‘admit’ that there were sightings that they could not identify.

Most people, however, are actually thinking of ‘Little Green Men’ when UFO’s are discussed.  Yet surprisingly, I suspect that the odds are slightly more than in favor of them existing somewhere… I just don’t have a clue whether they are flying above us, mutilating cattle, drawing circles in our crops, and kidnapping people for sexual experimentation.

All of these traditional alien activities have more mundane explanations… and I do tend to follow Occam’s Razor.  When there’s a simpler explanation, I tend to prefer it.  I don’t need to imagine time traveling future humans… or aliens from 3 galaxies down the road…

There are times when simplicity doesn’t explain the facts (The JFK assassination is one example that comes to mind), but I’m afraid that although I have no doubt that we are not alone in the universe, I’m also not afraid that I’ll be beamed up to a spaceship one night, and sexually violated by some alien female.

Whether you view the universe through the eyes of religious belief in God, or the atheist’s belief of Darwinian evolution – it’s still going to be a fool’s bet to think that we are alone in the universe.

It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that I’m right in my lifetime – and learning that mankind isn’t alone is going to be a disruption and change in our society no less of an upheaval than the change from an agricultural society to an industrial society.