Boss’s Day - Today!


Here it is, today… in America we are ‘celebrating’ Boss’s Day.  And if you want to stay employed, you’d better be ‘celebrating’ it! Smiley

First founded back in 1958, Boss’s Day was a creation of, and registered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee of the State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois.  Patricia Haroski picked this particular date because it was her father’s birthday… and suprising no-one reading this, her boss was her father.

But in thinking this over, I sorta wondered why there needs to be a particular Boss’s Day… after all, isn’t every day Boss’s Day?  If I want to keep working where I work, I do what -my- boss wants me to do… what more could a boss ask for?  Don’t ask me to celebrate a special day for my boss… we have a good relationship as it is… I show up for work, I do the work, and he hands me a paycheck.  No special celebration required.

Why hasn’t anyone seen fit to honor us with an Employee’s Day???

P.S. While I’m on the topic, here’s an excellent reference: How to Work for a Jerk