These are various articles about Judo. Some of them were written by myself, others will reference the original author. Please read them carefully, as several of them apparently 'run against the grain' of standard Judo thought, but actually don't. Although perhaps not everyone will agree with my thoughts on Judo, these articles will (I hope) get you to think.


  1. Hadakajime - Air or Blood Choke?
  2. Integrated Attack Systems
  3. Developing Power
  4. Classical Osotogari doesn't work!
  5. Frequency of Techniques
  6. Is BJJ Better Than Judo?
  7. Books I'd Like to see... (Humor)
  8. Interesting Photos
  9. Judo Stamps Reference
  10. Martial Arts - Breaking it Down
  1. Go Rin No Sho - Musashi
  2. Search Engine Keywords (Humor)
  3. Bad Martial Art Books
  4. Judo On And Off The Mat
  5. Shiro Saigo - Judo's Secret Weapon?
  6. Art of War - Suntzu [Giles Translation]
  7. Odd & Ends - Musings of a Long-time Judoka
  8. Early Report on BJJ
  9. 1960 World Championships - by Donn Draeger
  10. Notes on Judo - Taken during Ishikawa's Class