Search Engine Keywords - Judo Humor is still a fairly new website, and I'm learning as I go. It's really been fun learning the HTML coding to put this site together. [Note: This was originally written when BestJudo was handcoded - it's now running on the Drupal CMS] One rather interesting thing I ran across, is in my site logging... I can look at the search terms that sent someone to this site. I was absolutely fascinated to see what people are searching for, and thought I'd post some of the more interesting ones here.

I have absolutely no idea who used the search keywords, if it was you looking for photos of nude women Judoka throwing men, you can relax, I can only see what keywords were used. Please excuse my attempts at humor, as I remark on each of them;

judo women - What? Do we only date within Judo?
kick testicles - Ouch… Why would anyone be looking for this?
karate throws - They have them? :)
holmes judo - Hmmm… Perhaps I need to put up a bio of me? Nah…
judo+girls+photos - Yes, I've always known that Joshi Judoka are better looking!
most deadly martial art book - This person certainly came to the right site!
mathematical techniques in combat - Let me offer my opinion: BJJ+Aikido+Karate=Judo
list 5th+place+winners+1984+los+angeles+olympics - Hmmm… You caught me on that one! I don't know!!
hairi chest - Hmmm... I guess this isn't the same guy looking for "Judo women"?!
"dating" and "judo" - Does the Kodokan have a policy on this issue?
chest expander exercises - How did they end up here?
judo mistress - A little dangerous, don't you think?
salutation etiquette canada - What, are they different than everyone else?
blow to the testicles - Ouch again!
authentic jiu jitsu - Another winner! Came to the right place!!
"mae geri" testicles - Ouch! What is it with testicle hating people?
surfboard hold - New one on me! Beach Judo, maybe?
judo feet strangle - I think strangling someone's feet would be illegal in Judo…
foot chokes - Same as above…
pictures of jugular veins - We just squeeze 'em, we don't look at 'em.
her-shoe-broke - Another search engine "why did they end up here" mystery…
who can teach judo? - Anyone who wants to, look at me as an example!
"blow to the testicles" - Okay, already!!
kick in the testicles - Who is this sicko?
learn judo from internet - Dream on…
men top one hundred tennis ranking - What is this search engine thinking?
coin+collectors+in+prague - Another search engine mystery.
kick in testicles - Please!!
100 neck cranks - Sorry, this site only has 98 of them…
ultimate judo - Isn't this redundant?
"i know judo" - Okay, so do I.
mat that a judo match is played on - Ummm... could it be a 'mat'?
the youngest black belt - Wrong Martial Art, try Karate.
testicle smashing - Another one!!
self taught judo - Self-practiced too, I'll bet.
book review contest Ohhh! A Book Review Shiai... where can I get an entry form?
blackbelt hair - ??? Is it different than brownbelt hair?
nude self defense - Yes, this is a big problem… Whenever I take off my clothes, women try to attack me…
ryu shower naked - Hmmm… Just what was the name of that ryu that taught techniques for defending oneself in the shower?
blow to the testicles - Ouch again.
martial art testicle training - Testicles need to be trained? Well, with so many people trying to kick you, I guess a little self-defense would be in order...