Google and Judo Blogs


Perhaps I’m just slow, or maybe Google has been adding features faster than I’ve been keeping up with them, but I recently noticed that they even have a special Blog search feature…

Now, I think I have a complaint to make… if you’ll type “Judo Blog” into Google, you’ll see this blog come up in the top 3.  But if you go to the Blog Search, and type “Judo”, my wonderful site here is no-where to be seen … at least I don’t see it on the first page.

Do I have a legitimate complaint?  Hehehe… too much time on my hands… I need to get back to practice, obviously.

Then again, maybe if I post about “Judo Blogs” enough times, and mention Judo Blogs, and comment on Judo Blogs, and say “Judo Blogs” enough times, perhaps I’ll move up in the ratings… :)  Nah…. back to practice.

But I did think that it’s interesting that Google is recognizing the ‘Blog’ as something to be searched for uniquely.  Give it a try!