A New Beginning

I thought it was time to update BestJudo … as you may have noticed, features that didn’t used to work are now working - I’ve moved BestJudo from the webhost that it’s had for years… and I hope to spend just a tad more time on this website than I’ve done in the past.

My intention is to write from time to time on topics that will interest Judoka.  Hopefully, I can add posts on a more or less weekly schedule.  There will also be an RSS feed from this blog available to Judo or other martial art websites.

I know some people are complaining that they don’t see more recent books being reviewed here - and I’m trying to find more time to do so - but remember, the main purpose of this site is to review books that you can’t hold in your hand before purchasing.  When you go to Barnes and Noble, you can judge right away if you want to spend the money, you don’t need me for an opinion.  But if you’re trying to round out your collection via Ebay or BookFinder, or some other online source, you need to have a way to help you decide whether to spend the money or not.