Moving A Website To Drupal... 301 Redirects and 404 Pages.

As some of you may have noticed, this site was moved this week from the old static pages, to a free content management system known as Drupal.

Using Wordpress as a CMS.


CMS - it’s the buzz word of the modern day webmaster - simply meaning “Content Management System”.  What a CMS does - is separate the structure of a website from the content.

You want to create a website?  Tell everyone your opinion?  Pass along the latest family gossip to other family members?  Hype your business?  Have a marketing tool for your martial arts’ club?

Microsoft’s Monopoly… Is It Worth It? Linux Operating System Distros


Microsoft has long held a fairly strong monopoly on the operating system used in today’s home & business computers.  And for a long time, I’ve not been too disappointed with this control.

But recently, as I’ve been studying the upcoming new version of Windows, dubbed “Vista”, it seems that I need to rethink my position.  Most people will continue to be locked into the Microsoft platform for several good reasons:

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