BestJudo Gets A Facelift! New Website Features!

Those who have visited before may have noticed the rather drastic changes that have happened here at, this site is no longer the original hand-coded HTML of days gone by - it's now designed using the Drupal Content Management System.

This allows many new features - the most important of which is a search feature that allows you to quickly find what you're looking for.  This new site also allows you to make your own comments, or even full blown blogs - so if you have something to say - you can do it by simply registering (Free!).

I cannot allow anonymous comments, for obvious reasons, so if you'd like to comment or post in the forum, please register... it takes just a few minutes, and requires only your email address.

Although we now have forums, this site is not intended to replace or challenge the best Judo Forum, but only to help people searching for particular books, or to let others know you have a Judo book for sale.

I hope everyone enjoys the new changes...