Fighter's Notebook

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Author: Kirik Jenness
Pub: 1998 by Kirik Jenness (Self-Published)
Pages: 600+
Ranking:Four Star Rating
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Keeping in mind that is a website dedicated to Judoka, I am reviewing this book in relation to it's usefulness to a Judoka. To a submission fighter, this book would certainly have rated five stars, rather than four, since much more of the book would be immediately useable.

Coming in a 3 ring binder, The Fighters Notebook contains over 800 techniques, and over 3500 photos. Unfortunately, they count each small variation as a "technique", so this is misleading from a Judoka's point of view, but that's a petty detail. I found this to be a fascinating collection of techniques, much of which is perfectly useable in Judo. Many pages have nine b/w photos, so this is a very pictorial description of submission fighting techniques. The almost excruciating detail provided on all the techniques, showing both offense, defense, and combinations... make this a joy to browse through. Many moves will be completely familiar, and many moves will prove to be unknown. The standup information included was for the most part elementary, but well balanced by the superb information on ground skills. I suspect that diligent study and practice of movements found here will improve any Judoka's ground skills. The price is somewhat steep, but considering what you are getting, cheap at the price.



 The Standing Stance 
 The Clinch Position 
 A-6 (Head to Chest) 
 A-7 (Head Behind) 
 A-8 Closing the Distance 
 A-10 With a Kick 
 A-12 Clinching Against a Jab
 A-12 ...Against a Round House
 A-12 ...Against a Southpaw 
 A-14 Training 
 A-16 starting Positions 
 A-18 Switching Tie-Ups 
 Takedowns from Outside 
 A-20 Double Leg Takedown 
 A-28 Single Leg Takedowns 

 Overcoming His Sprawl 
 A-32 Go to Back 
 A-32 Go to Guard 
 A-32 Sit Out 
 High Tie Up 
 A-34 Training 
 A-34 With Strikes 

 Takedowns From the High Tie Up
 A-36 Leg Throw (Outer Reaping)
 A-36 Elevator Throw 
 A-36 Drop into Guard 
 A-38 Guillotine (Entry #1 & #2)
 A-38 Guillotine Drop 
 A-40 Flying Arm Bar 
 A-40 Flying Triangle 
 A-42 Rolling Leg Bar 
 A-42 Training for the Leg Bar

 Low Tie Up 
 A-44 Training 
 A-44 With Strikes 

 Takedowns from the Low Tie Up 
 A-46 Drop Seio-Nage 
 A-46 0 Goshi 
 A-46 Harai Goshi 
 Tie Up on the Wall 
 A-48 Driving to the Wall 
 A-48 Striking on the Wall 

 Takedowns from Tie Up on the Wall
 A-50 Snatch Double Leg 
 A-50 Single Leg 
 A-50 Foot Sweep 
 Takedown from Head to Chest Clinch
 A-52 Hip Throw 
 A-52 Near leg Sweep 
 A-54 Practicing the Throw by Lifting

 Throw by Lifting 
 A-56 The Lift 
 A-56 Sideways 
 A-56 Souplesse 
 A-56 "Suplex" 
 Takedown from Head Behind 
 A-58 Bear Hug (With Sweep) 
 A-58 Throw from Behind (By Sitting)
 A-58 Leg Throw 

 Takedown from Fully Behind 
 A-60 Working Behind 
 A-60 Throw By Lifting 
 A-60 Double Ankle Pick 

 A-63 Ranges 
 Hitting (Long Range) 
 A-64 Round Kick 
 A-64 Side Kick 
 A-64 Hook Kick 
 A-66 Step 
 A-66 Shuffle 
 A-66 Skip 
 A-68 Front Kick 
 A-68 Rear Leg Front 
 A-70 Rear Leg Side 
 A-70 Rear Leg Hook 
 A-70 Rear Leg Axe 
 A-72 Rear Leg Round (Karate)
 A-72 Rear Leg Round (Thai)
 A-74 Te Set Ups 
 A-76 Spinning Side 
 A-76 Spinning Rear 
 A-76 Spinning Hook 
 Hitting (Medium range) 
 A-78 Step Drag 
 A-78 Jab 
 A-80 Straight Right 
 A-8O Left Hook 
 A-82 Uppercuts 
 A-82 Overhand Right 
 A-84 Palm Heeling 
 A-86 Wrapping 
 A-88 Lunge 
 A-88 Backfist 
 A-88 Reverse Punch 
 Hitting (Close range) 
 A-90 Head Butt 
 A-92 Forward Elbow 
 A-92 Rising Elbow 
 A-92 0verhead Elbow 
 A-93 Spin Elbow 
 A-93 Jumping Elbow 
 A-94 Knees 
 A-96 Stomping 

 Defense against Strikes 
 B-3 Conditioning 
 B-4 The Stance 
 B-5 Distance 
 B-6 Head Movement 
 B-8 Footwork 
 B-10 Blocking (Lower Body) 
 B-12 Blocking (Upper Body) 
 B-14 Shell 
 Defense against Leg Takedowns 
 B-16 Snap Down 
 B-18 Sprawl & Crossface (Choke) 
 B-19 Sprawl & Crossface (Go to Back)
 B-20 Guillotine 
 B-20 Guillotine from Guard 
 B-22 Guard 
 B-22 Guard (with Elevator Sideways)
 B-22 Guard (with Elevator Over Top)
 B-24 Pancake (into Scarf) 
 B-24 Pancake (into Crucifix) 
 B-26 Raised Single Leg Defense 
 Defense Against Hip Throws 
 Defense Against "Suplexes" 
 B-30 Break Top Grip & Step Out 
 B-32 Shoulder Lock 
 B-32 Toss 
 B-32 Flip 
 B-34 Sag and Push 
 B-34 Lift 
 B-36 Trap 
 B-38 Upright 
 B-40 Bent Over 
 Against Guillotine 
 B-42 Protect 
 B-42 Slam 
 B-42 Drop 
 B-44 A

 Side Control Positions 
 Stabilizing the Positions 
 C-4 Scarf Hold 
 C-6 Basic Side Control 
 C-8 Kata Gatame 
 C-10 Both Hands Past 
 C-12 Cross Side Mount 
 C-14 Four Corner 
 C-16 Knee on Stomach 
 Switching Side Control Positions
 C-18 Overview 
 C-20 Switching 
 C-24 Getting Knee on Stomach 
 C-26 Circling 
 Getting Mount 
 C-28 vs. Roll 
 C-28 Leg Over 
 C-30 Knee Across 
 C-30 Forearm Pop 
 C-30 Slam 
 C-32 Pop Foot 
 C-32 Foot Sneak 
 Finishes vs. Side Mount Defense
 C-34 Toe Hold (& Reverse) 
 C-34 Heel Hook 
 C-34 Hip Lock 
 Finishes from Scarf Hold 
 C-36 Neck Crank 
 C-36 Straight Arm Bar (Leg) 
 C-36 Coil Arm Lock 

 Finishes from Modified Scarf Hold
 C-38 Near Arm Bar 
 C-38 Figure Four to Head 
 C-38 Far High Key Lock 
 Finishes from Cross Side 
 C-40 Choke 
 C-40 Coil Arm Lock (Far Arm) 
 C-40 Straight Arm Bar (Far Arm)
 Finishes from Four Corner 
 C-42 Shoulder Lock 
 C-42 Neck Crank #1 
 C-42 Neck Crank #2 

 Follow ups to Neck Crank 
 C-44 Get Back 
 C-44 Straight Arm Bar 
 C-44 Choke 
 Finishes from Knee Hold Down 
 C-46 Near Straight Arm Bar 
 C-46 Far Straight Arm Bar 
 C-48 Coil Arm Lock 
 C-48 Across Straight Arm Bar 
 C-48 Forearm Lock 
 C-50 Knee Bar 
 C-50 Toe Hold 
 Striking from the Side 
 C-52 Basic 
 C-52 Both Arms Past 
 C-54 Knee on Stomach 
 C-54 Kata Gatame 
 C-54 Four Corner 
 C-56 Scarf 

 Defensive Positions 
 D-3 Scarf Hold 
 0-4 Cross Body 
 D-5 Knee on Stomach 
 D-6 Basic Defense 
 D-6 Grip Won't Release 
 D-8 Chin Tight 
 D-1O Chin Tight/Leg In 
 D-1O Chin Tight/Leg In 
 Scarf Hold Down 
 D-8 Hook Leg 
 D-l2 Get to Knees 
 D-12 Hook Leg 
 D-13 Roll 
 D-14 vs Leg Over Mount Attempt
 Basic Side Control 
 D-14 Warning 
 D-14 vs. Knee Across Mount Attempt
 D-16 Go to Back 
 D-16 Guard 
 D-16 Arm Bar 
 Kata Gatame 
 D-18 Avoiding Kata Gatame 
 D-18 0pen Guard 
 D-18 Block 
 Both Arms Past 
 0-20 Closed Guard 
 D-20 0pen Guard 
 D-22 Go to Back 
 D-22 Triangle 
 Cross Body 
 D-24 Arm Bar 
 D-24 Get to Knees 
 D-24 Half Guard 
 D-25 Guard 
 Four Corner 
 D-26 Roll 
 D-26 Swing to Guard 
 D-28 Back Door Escape 
 D-28 Switch Base 
 D-28 Push Head 
 Knee on Stomach 
 D-30 Sweep 
 0-30 Half Guard 
 D-30 Guard 

 The Mounted Position 
 Stabilize the Mount 
 E-4 Pushing Chest 
 E-4 Pushing Stomach 
 E-4 Pushing Knees 
 E-6 He Sits Up 
 E-6 He Bear Hugs You 
 E-6 He Grabs Powerfully 
 E-8 He Rolls 
 E-8 He is Huge 
 E-10 He Bridges 
 E-10 He Tries the Elbow Escape
 E-10 Pushes your pelvis 
 E-12 He Traps your Leg 
 E-12 Complete Hold Down 
 Naked Chokes 
 E-16 Kata Gatame 
 E-16 Scissor Choke 
 E-16 Fist Choke 
 Gi Chokes 
 E-l6 Scissor Choke (with Sleeve)
 E-18 Cross Chokes (Entry #1)
 E-18 Cross Chokes (Entry #2)
 Triangle Chokes 
 E-20 From Mount 
 E-20 Roll to Guard 
 Key Locks 
 E-22 High 
 E-22 Low 
 Straight Arm Bars 
 E-24 Swing Around Arm Bar 
 E-24 Practice 
 E-24 Sliding Arm Bar 
 Falling Arm Bar 
 E-26 Far Arm (Flat) 
 E-26 Far Arm (Up) 
 E-26 Near Arm 
 He Resists the Arm Bar 
 E-28 Figure Four 
 E-28 Forearm Lock 
 E-28 Kick 
 E-30 Triangle 
 E-30 Go to Back 
 E-32 Near Squeeze Lock 
 E-32 Far Squeeze Lock 
 E-32 Kicking 

 The Defensive Position
 Regaining the Position
 F-4 His Knees Come Up 
 F-4 He Grapevines 
 F-4 He Crosses Ankles 
 F-6 Umpa Theory 
 F-8 (Opponent Punching)
 F-8 (Opponent Choking)
 F-8 (Opponent Tight) 
 The Elbow Escape 
 F-10 Theory 
 F-10 Heel to Half Guard
 F-12 Umpa-Elbow 
 F-12 Elbow-Umpa 
 F-12 Elbow-Umpa 
 Grabbing Hips 
 F-14 To Heel Hook 
 F-14 To Open Guard 
 Grabbing Armpits 
 F-16 To Foot Lock 
 F-16 To Heel Hook 
 Total Hold Down 
 vs, Straight Arm Bar 
 F-20 Pass Leg 
 F-20 Roll 
 F-20 Spin 
 vs. Coil Arm lock 
 F-22 Out 
 F-22 In 
 vs. Scissor Choke 
 F-24 Frame 
 F-24 Hand Traps 
 F-24 Elbow Traps 
 vs. Kata Gatame 
 F-27 Pass Arm 
 F-26 Palm to Palm Wedge
 F-26 Roll to Guard 
 F-27 Grab Knee 

 The Back Mount Positions 
 Back Mount Basics 
 G-4 Mount to Back Mount 
 G-4 Inserting Hooks 
 G-4 Back Mount (Facing Floor to Facing Ceiling)
 Back Mount from Referees Position 
 G-6 Avoid Leg Bar 
 G-6 Insert Hooks 
 G-6 Side Roll 
 G-8 Front Roll 
 G-8 Front Snap 
 G-8 Roll Back 
 Rear Naked 
 G-10 Basic 
 G-10 Facing Floor 
 G-10 Facing Ceiling 
 G-12 One Arm Rear Naked 
 Overcoming Choke Resistance 
 G-14 His Chin is Tight 
 G-14 He Grabs Wrist 
 G-14 He Grabs Wrist 
 G-16 He Grabs Arm 
 G-16 He Drives Back 
 G-16 He Drives Back 
 G-18 Strategy 
 G-18 Facing Floor 
 G-18 Facing Ceiling 
 Other Finishes 
 G-20 Triangle 
 G-20 Arm Bar 
 Collar Finishes 
 G-22 Collar Choke 
 G-22 Leg Assisted Collar Choke... 
 G-22 ...into Arm Bar 

 Defensive Positions Against Back Mounts
 vs. Rear Bear Hug (No Hooks Inserted) 
 H-4 Rolling Knee Bar 
 H-4 Roll to Guard 
 H-4 Roll (He Hugs) 
 vs. Back Mount (Hooks Inserted, On Knees)
 H-6 Bump Over Top 
 H-6 Bump to the Side 
 H-6 Roll to Half Guard 
 H-8 Scissor to Neutral Position 
 vs. Choke Attempt From Hands and Knees
 H-10 Trap Arm 
 H-10 & Free Leg 
 vs. Sunk Choke From Hands and Knees 
 H-10 Free Leg to Side 
 vs. Back Mount (You Are Flattened Out)
 H-12 Getting to Base 
 H-12 To Half Guard 
 H-12 He Has Arched 
 vs. Back Mount (Facing Ceiling) 
 H-14 Trap Arm to Side Control 
 H-14 Arm Bar 
 H-16 Ankle Lock 
 H-16 Force the Lock 
 vs. Back Mount (Facing Ceiling) With Choke
 H-18 to Half Guard 
 H-18 to Side Control 

 The Guard Position 
 l-4 The Closed Guard 
 l-4 Closed Guard To Classical Guard 
 1-6 Close Guard (vs. Strikes): Entry #1 
 l-8 Entry #2 
 I-8 Entry #3 
 I-10 Open Guard Positions 
 I-12 Open Guard: General Principles 
 I-14 Principles Cont'd: Movement 
 1-18 Maintaining Open Guard 
 l-22 Maintaining Closed Guard vs, Knee 
 l-22 vs. Pull Head Pass 
 l-24 vs. Slam 
 l-24 vs. Slam (He Stands) 
 l-24 vs. Elbows to Leg 
 l-26 Rising to Stand Up 
 Naked Chokes and Cranks 
 I-28 Kata Gatame 
 I-28 Guillotine 
 I-30 Neck Crank/Shoulder Lock 
 I-30 Neck Crank 
 I-32 Scissor Choke 
 I-32 Scissor Choke (Arm Included) 
 Collar Chokes 
 I-32 Scissor Choke (w/Gi) 
 I-34 Cross Choke 
 I-34 Arm Behind Head 
 I-36 Arm Around Head 
 I-36 Arm Around Head (Variation) 

 Triangle Chokes 
 I-38 Triangle Choke 
 I-38 Triangle Choke (Grabbing Knee)
 I-38 Triangle Choke (Open Guard) 
 I-40 Triangle Choke (Re-Triangle) 
 I-40 Counter Counter 
 I-42 Near Arm Bar 
 I-42 Far Arm Bar 
 I-42 Triangle Choke (Roll) 
 I-42 Triangle Choke-Arm Bar 
 Arm Bars 
 I-44 Straight Arm Bar (Hip Lift) 
 I-44 Straight Arm Bars (Hip Spin) 
 I-44 Straight Arm Bars (Hip Spin) 
 I-46 Figure Four Arm Bar 
 I-48 He Comes Around 
 I-48 He Comes Across 
 I-48 He Circles 
 I-48 He Stands 
 I-50 Arm Bar (Two Hands Press)... 
 I-50 ...Into Key Lock 
 Key Lock 
 I-50 Basic Coil Arm Lock 
 I-52 He Sits Back 
 I-52 He Attempts a Guillotine 
 I-52 Shoulder Lock 
 Leg Locks 
 I-54 Heel Hook 
 I-54 Push to Lift Heel 
 I-56 Leg Bar 
 I-56 Squeeze Lock 
 I-56 Ankle Lock (Half Guard) 

 Half Guard 
 I-58 Into Guard (Knee-Elbow) 
 1-60 Into Back Mount (by Lifting)
 I-60 Into Side Control (by Lifting)
 I-60 Into Full Guard (by Lifting)
 Sweeps & Reversals 
 Opponent on Knees 
 I-62 Go to Back 
 I-62 Chest to Chest 
 I-64 Inserting a Hook 
 I-64 Elevator 

 Opponent on One Knee 
 I-64 Elevator 
 I-66 Scissor Sweep 
 I-66 Warning 
 I-68 Flower 
 I-68 Flower (No leg) 
 I-68 Flower (Standing) 
 I-70 Flower (Kata Gatame) 
 I-72 Follow Up (Arm Bar) 
 I-72 Follow Up (Triangle) 
 I-72 Follow Up (Roll) 

 Opponent Standing 
 I-74 Grab Ankles 
 I-74 Grab Ankle 
 I-76 Feet in Hips 
 I-76 Broom Sweep 
 Striking From Closed Guard 
 I-78 Heel Kicking 
 I-78 Punching 
 I-78 Elbowing 
 I-78 Blocking 

 From Open Guard 
 I-80 Ground Head Kick 
 I-80 Standing Head Kick 
 I-80 Leg Kick 
 I-80 Rising Head Kick 

 Position Against the Guard 
 Passing the (Far) Open Guard 
 Passing His Legs 
 Passing the Closed Guard (Standing)
 J-8 With Strikes 
 J-10 Follow Ups: Pass to Side 
 J-10 Follow Ups: Standing Heel Hook
 J-10 Follow Ups: Falling Ankle Lock
 J-12 Pulling Head 
 J-12 Slam 
 J-14 Passing an Opened Guard: #1
 J-14 Knee Pass #2 
 J-14 Jump 
 J-16 Knee Between Legs 
 J-18 Knee to Ribs 
 J-19 Into Strikes 
 J-18 Into Side Control 
 J-18 Into Toe Hold 
 J-19 Into Leg Bar 
 Passing the Guard (Knees) 
 J-20 Hand to Ground 
 J-22 Elbows 
 J-22 Passing Elevator 
 Passing Half Guard 
 J-24 Post 
 J-24 Push 
 Passing the Head Scissors 
 J-26 Flip 
 J-28 Body Folds 
 J-28 Body Tight 
 Counter to the Triangle 
 J-30 Circle 
 J-32 Straighten Up 
 J-34 Fall back 

 Counter to the Guillotine 
 J-36 Forearm Across Throat 
 J-36 Shoulder to Throat 
 Counters to Other Chokes 
 J-38 Kata Gatame Choke 
 J-38 Scissor 
 J-38 Sleeve Choke 
 J-40 Cross Choke (Swim) 
 J-40 Cross Choke (Trap) 
 J-40 Cross Choke (Counter Choke)
 Counters to the Arm Bar 
 J-42 Grab Biceps and Stack 
 J-42 Grab Head and Stack 
 J-42 Double Arm Bar Counter 
 Counters to the Key Lock 
 J-45 Grab Him 
 J-44 Roll 
 J-44 Grab Yourself 
 Defense Against Sweeps 
 J-46 Scissor Sweep 
 J-46 Maintain Base 
 J-46 Circle Foot 
 J-48 Raise Hips 
 J-48 Follow Ups: Side Control
 J-48 Follow Ups: Ankle Lock 
 J-48 Follow Ups: Knee Submission
 Ankle Lock 
 J-50 Execution vs, Guard 
 J-50 Execution: Scramble 
 J-50 Achilles Lock 
 Counter To The Ankle Lock 
 J-52 Block 
 J-52 Cross Ankle Lock 
 J-52 Inside Heel Hook 
 J-52 Over Knee to Mount 
 J-52 Around Knee to Mount 

 Ankle Lock Counter Counter
 J-54 Figure Four 
 J-54 Heel Hook 
 J-54 Knee Bar 
 J-54 Knee Elongation 
 Heel Hook 
 J-56 Execution 
 J-56 Counter 
 J-56 Counter Counter 
 Knee Bar Execution 
 J-58 Inside 
 J-58 Outside 
 J-58 Under Arm 
 Knee Bar Counter 
 J-60 Push 
 J-60 Come Up 
 Squeeze Lock Execution 
 J-62 From Guard Pass 
 J-62 From Scramble 
 J-62 vs. Pass Counter 
 Open Guard 
 J-64 Heel Hook 
 J-64 Counter 
 Punching From Inside Guard
 J-67 Mistakes 
 J-68 Freeing Your Head 
 J-68 Freeing Your Arm 
 J-70 Striking 

 Joint Warm Ups 
 K-4 Wrists, Hands, and Fingers
 K-6 Elbows 
 K-8 Chest and Shoulders 
 K-8 Neck 
 K-10 Low Back 
 K-10 Torso 
 K-12 Knees 
 K-12 Hips 
 K-14 Ankle, Foot, and Toes 
 K-16 Entire Lower Body 
 Stretch Break 
 Muscle Warm Up 
 K-20 Push ups (Variations) 
 K-20 Push ups (Standing) 
 K-20 Push ups (Dandh) 
 K-22 Crunches 
 K-22 Low Back Hyperextension 
 K-22 Side Crunch 
 K-24 Hips Lift (Facing Up) 
 K-24 Hips Lift (Facing Down) 
 K-24 Hips Lift (Facing Side) 
 K-26 Standing Guard Sit Ups 
 K-26 Partner Roman Chair Sit Ups
 K-26 Partner Leg Throwing 
 K-28 Magic Circle 
 K-28 Floor Spins 
 K-28 Tension Squats 
 K-30 Partner Squats 
 K-30 Partner Leg Presses 
 K-32 Squats 

 K-34 High Kicks 
 K-34 Shrimping 
 K-36 Monkey Drill 
 K-36 Bear Drill 
 K-38 Neck (Solo) 
 K-38 Neck (Partner) 
 K-38 Neck (Partner Advanced) 
 K-40 Upper Body 
 K-42 Torso 
 K-44 Lower Body 
 Break Falling 
 Slapping Out 
 K-50 Backwards from Floor 
 K-50 Backwards from Squat 
 K-50 Backwards from Standing 
 K-52 Forwards from Knees 
 K-52 Forwards from Standing 
 K-52 Sideways 
 K-54 From Knees 
 K-54 From Standing 
 K-54 From Standing (Roll Through)
 Being Thrown 
 Class Structure 
 K-58 Warm-Up 
 K-58 instruction 
 K-58 Drilling 
 K-68 Sparring 

 The Rules Of Submission Fighting

 4 The Ring 
 4 The Officials
 5 Restrictions on Grappling
 5 Restrictions on Striking
 5 Restrictions on Throwing
 6 Scoring the Contest
 8 Required Protective Equipment
ll Attire
12 Length of the Contest
13 Delay of the Contest
13 Weight Divisions
14 Rules Summary
18 Hosting an Event
19 Press Release
20 Bye Chart
22 Fighter's Application
23 Waiver of Liability
23 Event Registration Card 



In nature, all land mammals save humans and elephants, die violently. They strike, grab, and bite each other until the younger, tougher, stronger, faster one wins. The other one is literally lunch.

Until recently, men generally fought the same way. They faced off, each open to the other's attack, and the one made tougher, stronger, and faster through training and genetic advantage was the winner.

Things have improved, and the improvement, in two words, is "position and submission". There are certain specific positions that nullify an opponent's attacks. His strikes, kicks, joint locks, and chokes, are no longer effective, Yet from these positions, the superior fighter can launch effective strikes and finishes, or can move to an even more advantageous position.

There is no reasonable way, without a position, to hit another person that does not leave you open to an attack in return. In contrast, all realistic ground positions protect you from your opponent's attack, while you set to the business of finishing him.

These positions are the frame upon which this manual is organized. For each position, one Section is devoted to offense from there, and a second Section is devoted to defense against it.

None of this is to say that a Submission Fighter cannot be defeated. As they said in the Old West, "Never a horse that couldn't be rode, never a rider that couldn't be throwed." It is saying, emphatically, that this is a superior approach to unarmed combat.

A useful introduction to Submission Fighting is to go over the steps in a realistic fight. The frames below show how a trained fighter responds in a real situation.


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