The Handbook Of Judo - An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide To Winning Sport Judo

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Author: Gene LeBell & L.C. Coughran
Pub: 1962/1975 by Thomas Nelson & Sons
Pages: 186
Ranking:Four Star Rating
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Surprisingly good book on Judo. Has many odds & ends packed throughout the book that you'll not find documented anywhere else. Covers defenses to techniques that I've not seen discussed elsewhere. Very good section on Newaza. Although out-of-print, this is not normally difficult to locate at a very reasonable price.

NEWS!! This book has now been reprinted!!

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments                              5
 Foreword                                    6
 1 FOUR WAYS TO WIN                         15
 On Choosing a Judo School                  16
 On Choosing a Style for Yourself           17
 Ways to Win                                18
     Nagewaza                               19
     Osaekomi                               19
     Shimewaza                              19
     Gyakuwaza                              20
 Time Out                                   20
 Grappling Deadlock                         20
 Illegal Holds                              20
 Stalling                                   21
 Rankings in Judo                           21

 2 THE FIRST FALLS                          23
 Ukemi                                      23
 Break-Fall Theory                          23
 Two-Hand Slap from a Sitting Position      26
 Tumbling Forward from a Kneeling Position  26
 No-Hand Fall                               27
 Jumping Horse                              28
 Face Fall                                  28
 Handstand into Side Fall                   29
 No-Touch Two-Arm Slap                      29
 Jump-Back                                  31
 Off-Balance Principles                     31
 The Pivots                                 33
 Forward Pivot                              33
 Reverse Pivot                              34
 Skip Pivot                                 36
 Moving-Wheel Theory                        37

             THROWING TECHNIQUES            40
                     Ashi Waza           
                   (Leg Throws)          
 Osoto Gari                                 40
 Yama Arashi                                42
 Okuri Ashi Barai                           43
 De Ashi Barai                              45
 Harai Tsurikomi Ashi                       46
 Ushiro Ashi Barai                          47
 Hiza-Guruma                                49
 Ouchi Gari                                 49
 Ko Soto Gari                               51
 Ko Uchi Gari                               52
   Variation                                53
 Uchi Mata                                  54
   Variation                                55

                       Tewaza               58
                    (Hand Throws)      
 Tai Otoshi                                 58
 Seoi Nage                                  60
    Variation                               62
 Ippon Seoi Nage                            63
 Kata Guruma                                65
                      Koshiwaza             66
                    (Hip Throws)
 Ogoshi                                     66
 Kubi Nage                                  68
 Eri Tsurikomi Goshi                        69
 Sode Tsurikomi Goshi                       70
 Hane Goshi                                 72
 Harai Goshi                                74
                    Sutemiwaza              75
                (Sacrifice Throws)       
 Obi-Nage                                   75
 Tomoe Nage                                 77
 Sumi Gaeshi                                78
 Kaniwaza                                   80
 Soto Makikomi                              81

 4 TURNING THE TABLES                       83
 Block to Uchi Mata                         83
 Block to Ippon Seoi Nage                   84
 Block to Harai Goshi                       84
 Utsuri Goshi                               84
 Ura Nage                                   86
 Uchi Mata                                  86
 De Ashi Barai, Counter                     88
 Ko Soto Gari                               89
 Leg Lift                                   89
 Grapevine and Choke                        89
 Heel Sweep                                 91
 Thigh Lift                                 92
 Block to Tomoe Nage                        93
 Stocks as Counter to Kata Guruma           93

 5 WINNING ON THE MAT                       95
              (Grappling Techniques)
 Mat-Work Defense                           96 
 Countering Leg. Defense                    96 
    Single-Leg Grab                         96 
    Double-Leg Grab                         96
    Mat Work Advantage or Disadvantage      97 
 The Triangle Theory                        98 
 The Outrigger Theory                       99 
     Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame               99 
     Modified Upper Four-Corner Hold
          and  Smother                      99 
     Kesa Gatame                            99 

 6 OSAEKOMIWAZA -- Hold on There!          103
 Hold Down Techniques                      103
    Kesa Gatame                            103
    Kata Gatame                            103
    Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame               104
    Kami Shiho Gatame                      105
    Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame               105
    Modified Four-Corner Hold              105
    Modified Upper Four-Corner Hold        105
    Kuzure Tate Shiho Gatame               106
    Modified Upper Four-Corner Hold
         and Smother                       107
    Ushiro Kesa Gatame                     107
 Body Rides                                107
    Knee Ride                              108
    Double Bar Arm                         108
    Pin Defense                            108

 7 DOWN BUT NOT OUT                        110
 Escapes from Hold Down Techniques      
     Kesa Gatame                           110 
     Kata Gatame                           111 
     Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame              111
     Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame              112 
     Schoolboy Pin                         115 
     Escape Using Switch                   115 

 8 WING LOCKS                              117
     Near Side                             117
     Far Front                             118
     Near Shoulder                         118
     Near Front                            118
 9 GETTING THE UPPER HAND --               
 Grapevines                                120
     Grapevines                            120
     Single-Rear Grapevine                 120
     Double-Rear Grapevine                 121
     Single-Front Grapevine                121
     Double-Front Grapevine                121
     Front-Grapevine Roll                  122
     Outside Leg Push                      123
     Stocks and Chancery                   124
     Pipe Wrench                           124
     Quarter-Nelson                        126
     Near Half-Nelson with Arm Drag        127
     Three-Quarter Nelson                  127
     Full-Nelson into Pin                  127
     Near Half-Nelson with Arm Bar         128
     Neck and Arm Lever                    129
     Far-Arm Drag                          130
     Far-Leg Drag                          131
     Far-Arm and Leg Drag                  131 
     Chin Twist                            131
     Belt and Neck Over                    133
     Side-Grapevine Roll                   134
     Leg and Arm Lift                      134
     Scissors and Arm Hook                 135
     Short Rib Rest                        137
     Shin on Calf                          137

10 'S' AS IN STRANGLE -- Shimewaza         139
     Palms Up                              139
     Palm Up, Palm Down                    140
     Front Crossover, Push and Pull        140
     Half-Bear Claw                        141
     Rear Double-Lapel Tourniquet          141
     Rear Single-Lapel Tourniquet          141
     Rear One-Side Naked Choke             141
     Rear-Naked Choke                      142
     Double-Bear Claw                      142
     Winding Choke                         142
     Hand and Elbow, Hooked Arms           143
     Knee, Forearm and Elbow               143
     Double Knee and Winding               144
     Knee and Winding                      144
     Double Knuckle Roll                   144
     Winding and Ulna Press                144
     Collar Winding and Roll on Back       145
  Counters to Shimewaza                    146
     Lapel Pull                            146
     Hand On Face                          146
     Feet In Neck and Hip                  147
     Hands Pull and Hug                    147

11 GYAKUWAZA -- The Arms Have It           149
    Dragging Arm Lock                      149
    Straight-Arm Crush                     150
       Variation                           151
    Straight-Arm Hug                       151
       Variation                           151
    Reverse-Arm Bar                        152
    Reverse-Arm Bar With Figure-4 Scissors 152
    Reverse-Arm Lock and Crotch Drag       153
    Stepover Arm Drag                      153
    Arm Hug                                153
    Surfboard                              154
    Facing-Straight Arm Lock               155
    Double Straight-Arm Bar                155
    Double-Arm Hug                         156
    Single-Arm Hug                         156
    Double-Arm Hug and Leg Hold            156
    Single-Arm Squeeze                     157
    Double-Arm Squeeze                     158
    Leg, Neck and Arm Lever                158
    Straight-Arm Crush                     159
    Short-Arm Scissor                      159
    Wrist Lock and Hold Down               160
    Forearm Hammer Lock                    160
    Figure-4 Hammer Lock                   161
    Upward Arm Crank                       161
    Reverse Time Hold                      161
    Time Hold                              162
    Downward Arm Crank                     163
    Elbow Lift and Shoulder Lock           163
    Front Elbow Crank                      164
    Reverse Elbow Crank                    164
12 'NECKING' NOT ALLOWED --                
  Noncompetitive Neck Locks                166
     Neck Crank and Sit Out                166
     Reverse Stocks and Sit Out            168
     Forward Neck Crank                    168
        Variation                          169
     Reverse Figure-4 Neck Lock            169
     Rear Face and Neck Lock               170
     Forward Figure-4 Neck Lock            170
     Front Face Lock                       171
     Front Neck Crank                      171
 Illegal Pressure Holds                    172
    Chin Lift                              172
    Arm-Head Push                          172
    Spine Stretch                          173
    Abdominal Stretch                      173

13 LOCKING THE LEGS                        174
     Knee Lock                             174
     Half-Crab                             175
     Boston Crab                           175
     Step-Over Knee Lever                  175
     Over Scissors                         176
     Reverse Double Front Grapevine Lock   177
     Double Front Grapevine Lock           177
     Glossary                              178
     Index                                 183



THIS is a book about sport judo, which is practiced, much as boxing, wrestling, and fencing are, in a gymnasium (or dojo, as it is known). Judo is just what the name implies, a sport with rules of fair play, a prescribed costume, and frequent contests and tournaments. For several years now it has been sanctioned by the AAU in this country and by similar amateur sports organizations throughout the world.

Sport judo is taught and practiced with the primary goal of developing proficiency in organized competition. All the techniques discussed. in this book follow this basic pattern. However, as in the other "combative" sports, such as boxing, the methods are readily adaptable to self-defense.

Almost all sport judo practiced in the world today is conducted under methods, theories, nomenclature and techniques adopted by -- Dr. Jigoro Kano, who founded the Kodokan School in Tokyo late in the nineteenth century. For this reason, sport judo is often called Kodokan judo. Dr. Kano was to jujitsu what the Marquis of Queensbury was to fist-fighting.

Jujitsu is an older form of Japanese self-defense. It is still practiced throughout the world, and much of sport judo's techniques are drawn from it. There were, and still are, many other systems taught and practiced. Among these are Tai-jitsu, Yawara, Aikido, Taido and Karate, but few can be considered true sport; they are more accurately described as systems of unarmed combat.

It is not our desire to discuss the relative merits of these various systems, but merely to draw a distinction between sport judo and the many other systems which stress self-defense as their goal. Self-defense is not, specifically, a subject of this book, although much of this material is readily adaptable for this purpose.

We believe that both forms of the art, sport judo and self-defense, should be studied by the serious student. But self-defense is properly a separate subject, and space limitations prevent its being included in this book.


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