Code Of Bushido

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Author: Roger Pryor
Pub: 1996 by United States Judo Association
Pages: 33
Ranking:Four Star Rating
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This has been one of the more interesting books I've run across in a long time. Interestingly enough, it was a guestbook entry on this website (by the author) that asked me to review this small booklet.

It has always been a pleasure to read a book on Judo, and to pull one new idea out of it. Many times I can't even find one 'new' idea. But this booklet had several fascinating insights that I'll continue to examine in my Judo for some time to come. Especially interesting was his "Four secrets of Judo". I'm sure that all longtime teachers of Judo have their own 'pet' "Secrets of Judo", but I still enjoyed these!

It's not easy to classify this booklet, it's has no techniques taught in it, yet it can help your techniques! It seems to be a basic "Welcome to Judo" introduction for the beginning student, and yet as a Judoka of over thirty years, I found it to be fascinating. I wanted to give this a five star rating, but then I'd be comparing this to something such as "Kodokan Judo", and that's clearly not the case. But at a cost of $1.50, can you afford *not* to read this??


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