Judo - The Skills Of The Game

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Author: Roy Inman
Pub: 1995 by The Crowood Press
Pages: 128
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I was deeply tempted to give this book a five star rating, but it's not quite up there with Kodokan Judo, or Canon of Judo. But on the other hand, this book has worthwhile commentary on almost every page. This book would be very interesting reading for any instructor. I was very surprised at the high quality of this book, since I'd never heard of the author before reading this book.


 1 Origins                   7
 2 Kihon: The Fundamentals  13
 3 Nage-waza                27
 4 Ne-waza                  85
 5 Contest                 113
   Glossary                122
   Index                   125


"Roy Inman is known throughout the world as one of the most accomplished coaches. During his time as British and Olympic Team manager he produced seven World Champions and Olympic Medallists. Judo: The skills of the Game is a must for judo players and coaches of all levels to read."
Ann Hughes 6th Dan, former World Champion and Olympic Coach.

"In his time Roy Inman has coached many players to become World and European Champions. That in itself is enough for anyone with an interest in judo to read this book."
Arthur Mapp, former British Men's Olympic Team Manager.

Roy Inman is a 6th Dan in judo with over thirty-five years of experience and active involvement in the sport at the very highest level. A National Coach for over eighteen years and National Team Manager to the British Womens team for over fifteen years he is Britain's most successful judo coach to date. He was awarded the OBE in 1992 for services to judo.

A first rate international competitor in his own right, Roy Inman trained at the Budokwai and Renshuden throughout the sixties and seventies and was twice British Open champion as well as winning the Swedish Open. He holds the distinction of having been a special student at Isao Okano's Sekki Jukku in Japan for six months. Roy Inman has coached seven world champions at various weights including Karen Briggs, four times world bantamweight champion. Members of the British Womens squads coached by him have taken twenty-six medals at World Championships and over sixty at European Championships.

"With over two decades of experience as a national team manager and a coach, Roy Inman has become respected world-wide for his vast competitive judo knowledge. He has coached no less than seven World Champions, two Olympic Champions at the demonstration event in Seoul and three more Olympic medallists in Barcelona. Now, in this book, he puts some of his expertise down in ink. Whatever your ability or interest in judo you will benefit from reading this book. And for any young judoka who have set their sights on Olympic medals one day it is an absolute must."
Nicola Fairbrother MBE World Champion and Olympic silver medallist.

"Roy Inman is one of the most successful judo coaches in the world. His knowledge of the skills of judo is second to none, as can be seen in this book."
Karen Briggs MBE four times World Champion.


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