Moving A Website To Drupal... 301 Redirects and 404 Pages.

As some of you may have noticed, this site was moved this week from the old static pages, to a free content management system known as Drupal.

Using Wordpress as a CMS.


CMS - it’s the buzz word of the modern day webmaster - simply meaning “Content Management System”.  What a CMS does - is separate the structure of a website from the content.

You want to create a website?  Tell everyone your opinion?  Pass along the latest family gossip to other family members?  Hype your business?  Have a marketing tool for your martial arts’ club?

News Forums - Heaven for Niche Hobbies!


Do you have a ‘niche hobby’?  A hobby that no-one else you know likes to do?  Perhaps, like me, you enjoy studying the JFK assassination… yet if you have the same experience I do, you’ll almost never run into someone in person that also studies the case.

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