Merry Christmas! Or not… Grinches Who Spit on Christmas…


It’s irritating to me to see that there are corporations that are bowing to the ‘politically correct’ theme of avoiding any reference to holidays that may be religious in nature.  To be specific, those stores that instruct their employees to not use the words “Merry Christmas”.

Aside from the fact that this country was founded on the principles of religious freedom, I simply find the disregard for American traditions to be despicable.  I will not shop at any location - now and until I see the list for next year - at any location that refuses to honor American tradition and who spits in the eye of an American holiday, as well as a religious landmark.

With grateful appreciation to, I present their list of those who will, and those who will not be receiving my patronage in the coming season and year.  I must say I’m sorry to see “Toys ‘R’ Us” on the list; as I usually shop for the kids there.  Seems like they’ve just lost my business…

Stores Who Will Say “Merry Christmas” This Year:

TJX stores (TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, HomeGoods, A.J. Wright, Bob’s stores)
J.C. Penney’s
Joann Fabrics
Linens ‘N Things
Hobby Lobby
Farmer Jack (grocery)
Stater Brothers (grocery)
In-N-Out Burger
Christian Brothers Automotive
Bath & Body Works

Stores Avoiding Christmas:

Best Buy - steadfastly refuses to mention Christmas
Home Depot - still hiding behind the “holiday” trees
Lowe’s - clerks will only say “Merry Christmas” when it is customer initiated
L.L. Bean - one Christmas catalog issued, all others holiday-centered
Plow & Hearth - you might find Christmas in the fine print
Crate & Barrel
Eddie Bauer - doesn’t want to offend anyone
Toys ‘R’ Us
Banana Republic
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Dick’s Sporting Goods
The Gap