News Forums - Heaven for Niche Hobbies!


Do you have a ‘niche hobby’?  A hobby that no-one else you know likes to do?  Perhaps, like me, you enjoy studying the JFK assassination… yet if you have the same experience I do, you’ll almost never run into someone in person that also studies the case.

The Internet has proven to be heaven on earth for these niche hobbies… I can correspond with hundreds of others who enjoy the same ‘hobby’ or interest.  You can find me quite regularly on the newsgroup: alt.conspiracy.jfk, for example.

What are they, and where do you find these newsgroups?  They are simply a sort of bulletin board where you can have conversation on a topic.  There are thousands of different newsgroups covering almost any topic you can imagine.  And, should you not find what you’re looking for - you can actually create a new newsgroup yourself.  The easiest place for the beginner is to simply go to Google Groups.

But once you begin to really get involved in a newsgroup - you may want to spend a wee bit of money to get better access and service.  My particular favorite is, but there are many others.