The Joke's On Judo!

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Author: Donn Draeger & Ken Tremayne
Pub: 1966 by Charles E. Tuttle Co.
Pages: 72
Out of Print


No techniques, no history, no photos... just cartoons! My favorite is this one:

Judo Refresher Course in Siberia


Most of the cartoons are funny on their own, but a few of them wouldn't make any sense unless you've been around Judo for awhile, such as this one:

Anton Geesink - Tall Judoka!

If you can find this book, it's definitely funny enough to get your hands on. Unfortunately, it's extremely rare... and when you do find it, it's usually quite pricey.


In the over three decades that I have been associated with Judo, I've co-authored several books on the techniques and training methods of this unique system. These books have been straight, sober, and, I hope, successful in their aim to teach to those willing to work at Judo. But Judo is not all sober thumping on the mat and grim grappling - it has its characters and its goofs, its moments of belt-busting humor. For a long time I have wanted to do a book to help us Judoka laugh with and at each other, but still a book that would exclude no-one with a sense of humor by being overly technical. I hope that the collaboration that produced the Joke's on Judo has resulted in just such a book. One more thing . . . . where humor is concerned, nothing should be taken too literally, though the germ of real happenings is at the bottom of most of the situations here. If anybody thinks he sees himself mirrored someplace in this book, I hope he will forgive us in the spirit of good clean fun. No harm intended, fellas.

Its about time to see just how "The Joke's on Judo"


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