Judo Book Reviews By Title

The following is a listing of various Judo related books, and a short commentary on each of them. This is not meant to be an exhaustive listing, I only rate books I own. All commentary and opinions are strictly my own. Others may have either higher or lower regard for these books. I hope that this can serve as a rough guide to what books you may wish to look for - to add to your library. The idea for this originally came from Koryu Books which is a very well written discussion of various martial art related books. I hope to do something similar here, but with an emphasis on Judo. I've put this list in alphabetical order in case you are trying to make a buying decision, and want to justify your purchase. (Of course, almost ANY Judo book is a good purchase! (Right?)

If you don't have any Judo books at all, and wish to start a 'reference library', I've compiled a short list of books that I recommend to anyone interested in Judo. This would be a good starting point if you are beginning Judo as well. Click Here for my list.

Also, at the extreme risk of introducing competition to my own collection efforts, you should visit the auction site Ebay once a week, to see if anything there is worthwhile... a little trick I do is to do a particular search, then bookmark that search. Another place to spend some time at is Book Finder. This site will check a dozen *other* search engines to locate used books for you. A smart thing to do as well is to take advantage of the feature many book search sites allow you to do, which is to post a 'wanted' list. If a book on your list comes up for sale, the book search site will email you automatically, and there is no obligation on your part to purchase.

A note about my 'rating' system. I start by comparing the historical rate of nuclear composites generated over a skew of statistically complex technical data points, add proprietary bonus scores for the recored number of 'Osotogari' references, then I multiply by five. Smile This results in a rating of from 1-5 stars. Here is what they mean:

One Star - This book isn't worth paying for, but you might accept it in trade.
Two Stars - This book might be worth the money, if you didn't have to pay more than $10-15.
Three Stars - This book is worth owning. Not at any price, but if the price is right, pick it up.
Four Stars - This book will be very valuable to you. Try very hard to find books in this category!
Five Stars - You should already own these books. If you don't, do!!

Here is a list of the Judo books I review, in alphabetical order: